Looking Back/Moving Forward: Modern Brews + Beats Podcast in 2021

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As of this writing, we’re just hours away from 2022. What a year 2021 it’s been. Here’s what it sounded like through this year’s episodes of Modern Brews + Beats podcast.

Our podcast recordings began remotely in 2019 – long before the COVID-19 pandemic. But in January 2021, we had our second in-person show at False Idol Brewing for their collab release with 17% Drip, the triple IPA Still Dripping. Local curator and beertender Brad Moore joined us for this show and we discussed local beer trends. Something we didn’t notice at the time was that Brad wasn’t drinking. He would later share on episode 84 that he was abstaining from alcohol for the time being. As of this post, it’s been over a year since he’s had a drink. We look forward to having him back on the podcast soon to check in. 

In February, we had a historic winter storm that knocked out our power grid in the state of Texas. Most of the state was without power. We discussed how we were affected in episode 69, along with a ‘Lyric Lookup’ segment on a song from Sam Smith.

In episode 70, Tony was trying to convince us (us as in Jerry and guest Angi Thomas (The Undeniable Vixen) of the power of The Weeknd’s performance at 2021 Super Bowl.

AC Steele spoke with us in March about fitting beer in your fitness routine. She and her husband recently gave birth to their first child in October, so we send hearty congrats to their family.

The month of March also marked our first international conversation, thanks to Edward Buhnai and Meoshi N of Toronto, Canada. We enjoyed it so much that we asked them to return to the show in June. Really appreciate their insights and getting the Canadian craft beer perspective on the show. 

March also saw Modern Brews + Beats getting into the Texas wine scene with Cheramie Law and Todd Aho of Cheramie Wine. They continue to get awards for their wines and have since become a married couple in August 2021. Congrats to their new union!

In May, we kicked off our second three-part music highlight with Cee-Lo Green as band member in Goodie Mob, solo artist, and collab with Danger Mouse in Gnarls Barkley. Our first three part series focused on Pharrell Williams in 2020. What should we do for 2022? We’d love to focus on someone who was a producer, solo artist, and member of a group. 

Around the 2nd anniversary of the podcast (August 11), we began a series called ‘A Seat At The Table’ covering Garrett Oliver’s book ‘The Brewmaster’s Table’. Stay tuned for more of this segment in 2022. 

Throughout the year, we enjoyed fun conversations with breweries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, including Lakewood, Ash & Ember, ODD Muse, Rollertown and Vector. We also talked with Beale Street Brewing in Memphis, Tennessee, Vine Street Brewing in Kansas City, Missouri and Trace Brewing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

We look forward to more discussions at the intersection of brews and beats with makers of all styles. Who would you like to hear on our show? Leave a comment here or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram to let us know.

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